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Sunward USA warranty covers every major component of the products sold by Sunward USA to be free from defects in material and workmanship unless specifically identified as non-covered.

The term begins on the original sale date and the term expires when its term or engine hour limit is reached, whichever occurs first.

Sunward America approves certain OEM and non-OEM add-on components. Use of these add-ons does not void this Warranty Agreement as long as they are approved, in writing, by Sunward America prior to the Warranty Agreement acceptance. These add-ons are not automatically covered by this Warranty Agreement. Any initial failure and resulting progressive damages of any kind traced to these components may not be covered under this warranty.


Sunward America warrants (All Excavators) – 5year/5,000 Engine Hours (Non-Excavators) – 2year/2,000 EngineHours, whichever occurs first, starting from the original sale date to the first owner.

*See coverage options, costs, and registration process.
**See Covered Components for details

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